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The rapid exhaustion of conventional energy sources has led to a surge in thoughts for using alternative energy sources. Solar Energy is one of the most reliable sources of renewable energy available. India, being a tropical country, receives enough solar energy which can be harnessed.

Unlike fossil fuels, green energy made from solar power is sustainable, because it is generated by resources that won´t run out. In addition, it provides a way to fight climate change by reducing and even offsetting carbon emissions

In order to play the role of fighting the climate change and protecting the future of our planet, NBKRIST started investing in renewable sources of energy. A 300 KW solar system has been installed on the rooftop of the academic buildings

Project Details
1) Solar PV modules- 320Wp Multi crystalline: 938 Nos.
2) Grid Tied String Inverter - 50kVA-Delta (company): 6 Nos.
3) Roof top area to accommodate PV modules: 4000 sq.Mts. (Two Buildings)
4) All Modules are mounted over GI with powder coating structure.
5) Estimated Generation: 4.0 kWh/kWP/day
6) Plant connected to Grid at 3-Phase 415 volts/11kV.

Power Generation and Utilization
Solar Power Generation for AY: 2018-19
Month Year Generation kWh
July 2018 32,979
August 2018 29,511
September 2018 35,540
October 2018 36,038
November 2018 29,214
December 2018 26,525
January 2019 34,569
February 2019 39,854
March 2019 46,805
April 2019 44,458
May 2019 41,403
June 2019 35,199
Total Generation 4,32,095

From Net Meter Readings
Export to Grid kWh Import From Grid kWh Net Utilazation from Grid kWh
1,37,642 3,52,182 2,14,540

Utilization kWh
From Grid From Generation Total
3,52,182 2,94,453 6,46,635

Net Utilazation from Grid kWh Total Generation kWh Total Utilization kWh
2,14,540 4,32,095 6,46,635